The Art Fashion Weekend begins on February 18th 

Art and Fashion: alternatives and spaces for solidarity 

The second edition of the Arts Fashion Weekend will be held next weekend, from February 18th – 20th, in the Arts Connection Foundation space located at the Design District. 22 designers and artists will present their proposals during the event.

Under the curatorship of the Venezuelan artists Adriana Barrios Mendoza, this edition of the Art Fashion Weekend 2017 has been called The Trunk Show, a huge collection of visual experiences and initiatives. This event is a way to experiment, at least for three days, fun, sustainable and caring ideas.

22 initiatives will participate in this edition: Abuk Arte y Moda; Adriana Barrios, Ardhangini by Manuela Delgado; Alex Almarza; Arnoldo Maal; Caro Blaha; Dreamer’s production by Andreína Ochoa & Daniel Ramos; Evelyn Valdirio; Ibrahím López Couture; Ilian Arvelo; Ivanna Mazza; Laura Herrera; Lisu Vega; Marlene Marquina; Maux; Muu Blanco; Nadia Benatar; Nina Dotti; Susy Lobo; Pietro Daprano, Telares Urdimbre; True Armoire by Sandra Mata and Carla Angola.

The Art Fashion Weekend 2017, a disruptive event of alternative character, shall be organized in favor of the Arts Connection Foundation, and of the diverse cultural-collaborative work platforms thereof.

For Nina Fuentes, the founder and creative catalyst of the initiative, the Art Fashion Weekend “proposes a productive ecology that stimulates the participation and the temporal activation of spaces to generate alternative purposes, sense and experiences therein”.

Opening: February 18th, 2017

Closing: February 20th, 2017

Place: 3212 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, Fl 33137

Time: 11:00 am to 09:00 pm

About the Arts Connection Foundation:

In Arts Connection we present different class of works from local and foreign artists and investigators with the purpose to promote works that explore diverse and unique perspective in our world.

Arts Connection has three lines of work:

Supports the development of new works from artists and investigators domiciled in the South of Florida.

Offers educational and creative programs for students.

Actively establishes promotional programs that include associations with other organizations, universities and social service international organization, as well as promotes art collections.

The Foundation is essentially a link that establishes alternative routes to explore fundamental themes for the contemporary society.

Arts Connection Foundation