A Black Ship Moment

Jun 15, 2017 | Art & Chronicles

A Black Ship Moment

A collaborative curation by &gallery and Alvaro Medina Perez

Opening Saturday, June 17th from 5-10pm

Featuring works by:
Lesly Chacon
Benjamin Garcia
Kal Mansur
Keyser Siso
Jud Tani
Ryota Unno

Sounds by Bea Pernia from 7-9pm

&gallery is pleased to present its next exhibition in collaboration with Miami-based curator Alvaro Miranda Perez. The show, “&gallery presents… A Black Ship Moment”, is the first of many collaborative endeavors between &gallery and Perez, who is the founder of Black Ship Gallery.

Black Ship fuses together arts and entertainment in a variety of venues such as galleries, art fairs/conventions, museums, concert halls, and more. Exhibition and public spaces merge with music venues, work habitats and living spaces.

The multi-sensory program of Black Ship aligns with &gallery’s pedagogy allowing for a non-fragmented experience of art and lifestyle, breaking away from the current gallery/museum model and moving towards an integrated immersion of the viewer, where passive audience becomes a participant.

Black Ship is comprised of a centrifugal group of artists working both independently and collaboratively where art, environment and identity are intrinsically linked. It begins with the intellectual property drawn from visual art, architecture, music, philosophy and the performing arts.

&gallery works directly with artists and curators with a refined aesthetic that have been either trained, established, working or living in Miami. The gallery is founded on offering a thoughtful platform for artists to broadcast their work to collectors near and far.

On view from June 17th thru August 19th, 2017 at &gallery, the exhibition features the works of the following artists: Lesly Chacon, Benjamin Garcia, Kal Mansur, Keyser Siso, Jud Tani and Ryota Unno. The pieces vary in medium; from ceramics by local artist Jud Tani to mixed media by way of acrylic articles by Ontario- based Kal Mansur. Paintings in varying forms will be shown by Lesly Chacon, Benjamin Garcia and Keyser Siso. Artist Ryota Unno harnesses the application of an adaptation of ancient Japanese process in his works.

The opening celebration will be held at the gallery on June 17th from 5-10pm.