Boligan’s Metaphors

Jul 1, 2017 | Galleries

The cartoons by the Cuban artist Angel Boligan are powerful visual metaphors. His universal graphic gets through the most significant issues of life. Boligan plays with ideas like a naughty boy, trying to find new meanings in the modern-day philosophy through his strokes. He is positioned as one of the most prominent graphic thinkers of the Latin American cartoonist. He has won several awards abroad, among them, “La Catrina” and the National Journalism Award in Mexico.

However, his humility never ceases to amaze us. Laughs and irony are always at his side. With his sharp pen, he goes around the world, as a Quixote against the windmills which represent the biggest catastrophes behind the political and economic interests that run over human sensibility.

The Wynwood Times the metaforas de Boligan