Carolina Muñoz Red as a statement

Jun 5, 2017 | Art & Chronicles

The book-object Mío / Mine (2009-2011) of the Venezuelan artist Carolina Muñoz

is an invitation to participate in a visual experience focused on different premises. First, as a photography repository of individual and collective messages. Then, as an artist book which epitomizes an aesthetic form to be understood. Finally, as the red color creates symbolic associations and disruptions according to the cultural context. Mío / Mine comes from a personal concern. Mío / Mine is the answer.

You are invited to join a conversation with the artist Carolina Muñoz moderated by  Ainara Mantellini.

As an artist book, Mine / Mío is a proposal from the original series of photos. Her work challenges the appropriation of the red color since 1998 as an ideological tool by the Venezuelan regime. Texts and graphics serve as an awareness flow from the associations presented by Muñoz around her personal effects. The design, a transparent acrylic box and a book wrapped in cloth in the Japanese style furoshiki. It is an offering for the viewer and an invitation for a ritual experience.

Mine / Mío is a single edition of five pieces and an independent production. Its photos were printed in paper Hahnemühle Baryta 350 g.

IMAGO ART IN ACTION / 165 Majorca Avenue, Coral Gables 33134 FL