Edgar Negret in Miami

Apr 24, 2017 | Art & Chronicles

The wynwood times Edgar Negret en Miami

The gallery, Artscape Lab, in Miami will exhibit a summary of the work of this Colombian artist until April 28th. An array of unique samples that represent the universalness of the artist. TWT

Negret’s art doesn’t tell stories that can be put into words because his creations are based on abstract and formal laws. His sculptures show presence, solemnity, and magic.They are unique to all things related to shape and space.

His work is the product of a creative but rigorous mind that prefers the synthesis over the anecdote and randomness as a disciplined control, showed facing the unpredictable. For example, the aluminum painted in matte white, red, and black loses its visual properties intentionally. Also, screws and bolts abandon their traditional role to hold shapes that rise without violence.

Finally, the common static construction typical of geometric forms changes completely before the dynamic but controlled movement of every sculpture.

But the movement that comes from folds and direction is always renewed in his works since the repetition of forms and the relativity of the space are endless.

His multi-directional, cubical, and round constructions force to consider the internal and external spaces and assess the relationship between them and their delimiting elements: extensions, connections, holders, and slits. They, without any industrial or primal proposal, take us to a fundamental visual symbolism.

Negret’s art, sober, cerebral, intransigent, presents a visual argument of extraordinary power, with references to the absolute of the physical and the infinity of the spirit.

His art leads to meditation. It focuses on the mind and human sensibility, different than that coming up from nature. There is an immense power in its close ties, not related to perishable or mutable conditions, but the universal and permanent truth.

Eduardo Serrano
Diario el Tiempo – Junio 9 de 1974
Artscape Lab
Little River
7255 NE 4th Ave Ste 113
Miami, Fl 33138