Gallery: A Graffiti for Venezuela

Jul 27, 2017 | Sin categorizar

Venezuelan artistic creators will ride on a Creative Truck through the streets of Wynwood, painting in support and solidarity for democracy in Venezuela.

The wynwood times - Graffiti Venezuela

A group of Miami-based artists joined the activity “A graffiti for Venezuela.” The purpose was to draw attention to the social, economic, political, and cultural crisis that Venezuela is now living. At the same time, they accepted donations and funds to be sent to people in the country.

The wynwood times - Graffiti Venezuela

A truck became an alternative communication channel to promote solidarity and awareness on the streets of Miami. Also, the artists shared information about the next consultative poll driven by different Venezuelan political organizations, successfully carried out on Sunday, July 16th.

Among the artistic creators were Rolando Peña, Nina Dotti, Iván De Lucía, Muu Blanco, José Cosme, Joseph Smart, Pietro Daprano, Alejandra Romero, Domingo De Lucía, Luli Love, Marlene Mata, Leslie Gabaldon, Diego Gabaldon, Andres Michelena, Teo Beceiro, Tita Castro, Carola Bravo, and Zoel.

This intervention of a public space was for the organizers (Arts Connection Foundation) with the leadership of Nina Fuentes a strategy of visibility and mobility, as well as reporting and complaining about the threat to freedom that Venezuela lives nowadays.