Inés Silva and her geometrical gardens

Dec 31, 2016 | Art & Chronicles

by TWT

She began to get into contact with the creation of spaces throughout shapes, sizes, and geometry in the School of Architecture.

Then, they became part of her artistic work. She created models of the same material she used in college. Creating transparent parallelepipeds with primary shapes and different colors, she tried to get diverse tensions while manipulating those elements to find a new vision of the world in a microcosm and their interactions.

Her first participation in a Biennial of Art encouraged her to find new and durable materials to show her work. It was there when she discovered Plexiglass. Indeed, she took a leap to keep working on this art branch after her first critic’s award.

Inés Silva is currently devoted to the research and composition of structures through the combination of golden ratios, where mathematics, numbers, and shapes develop a harmonious proportion.

Mathematics can be playful as well as her work. She affirms that “the idea is to take the space and invite shapes to join”. So, her proposal begins with a first basic module, growing later to infinite perspectives.

Currently, the artist’s research work is inspired by the Modulor of Le Corbusier, a measurement system created by the architect to be used from manufacturing to a city scale. Proportions are this artist’s work journal. The idea comes from the creation of a pattern over those proportions to develop growing and evolving vanishing points.

The balance between hand drawing and technology is a basic strategy to combine sizes while developing the artistic idea.

Maths are present in the creation of nature forms and harmony. Proportion is a universal language and the most plastic expression in this gardens and their creative geometry.

Graduated with honors from the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1992.
In 1990, She participated in the art workshop conducted by professor Asdrúbal Colmenárez.
Between 1995 and 1997, she was an assistant to professor Víctor Lucena.
She has had individual exhibitions at the Maracaibo Fine Arts Center (2005), the Graphicart Gallery (2007), the Museum of Contemporary Art Francisco Narváez, Margarita (2009), the Museum Haus Ludwig -Atelier, Saarlouis Germany (2012), N Mariño Gallery. Paris, France (2013) and at Ranivilu Art Gallery, Miami, USA (2016).