A life on Instagram

May 1, 2017 | Trends

by Audrey Prieto

Lately, it has become a trend to talk about “influencers.” An influencer is, in the slang of new forms of communication – Social Media – a person who becomes famous by showing off his or her lifestyle, success, strengths or “savoir-faire” in any aspect of life. So that followers – spectators – admire his or her joy.

Influencers, in this generation, are measured by the number of people following them. They can have millions of followers in their Social Network account. However, another important aspect is that this kind of figures follow other influencers.

The Social Network Instagram has been a global platform for those gathering followers. In this case, I do not write about politicians, artists or athletes who are already popular in different media, but those celebrities that have become influencers by sharing their lives on Instagram.

The wynwood times Audrey Prieto1

If you know Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi or Nusret Gökçe @nusr_et, and you follow them, you are part of a group of people that enjoy the life of these people. The first one is an Italian entrepreneur, average height, tan skin, and a fit body like a board, full of messages with memorable phrases and life events in permanent ink.
It is possible to read “Resilience” in one of them. He shows himself on daily pictures in a feast of luxury, good living, eccentric clothes, and also shares his excellent dancing and DJ skills.
The second one is a Turkish chef, who has impressive skills as a deluxe butcher. He is a restaurant owner in the Middle East, expanding all over the world. He is a man of medium height, athletic body, dark-skinned, shiny black hair, and casual beard and mustache.
Most of the time, he wears a white t-shirt and black pants. Sometimes, he appears with gangster-style clothes and sunglasses – despite not being outside or exposed to sunlight.-

The wynwood times Audrey Prieto1

What do these two personalities have in common to have millions of followers? They allow people to get involved in their lives and learn about their routines. Their poses and stagecraft, although different from one another, both show control, power, and authority. All the while, there is a touch of sensuality and eroticism, a blaze of the material and the aesthetic. Success, professional and personal fulfillment are their brand.

Unquestionably, they have nailed it with the audience: the hype! Followers enjoy gossiping and envying others’ lives, at best “healthy jealousy.”
Followers can laugh and enjoy the excesses, but they can also suffer by benchmarking their distant reality with their influencer.

Many people would wonder, what about these people’s privacy? They chose to expose or overexpose their lives, not by chance, but by total and undisputed conviction and desire of fame. However, there is something else. Hopefully, the audience will wonder if these people are as happy and successful as they pretend to be. Are those real lives or just lives in Instagram?
I am sure that both @gianlucavacchi and @nusr_et are made of flesh and blood. They experience emotions beyond the “full happiness” showed in their Social Media. Let’s not forget that they have created a sort of daily “reality show” where reality and fiction intertwine, and an advertising management strategy that shows just what is appropriate to tell.

Audrey Prieto
PhD in Educación