Lucio Coffee to Wine

May 1, 2017 | Gastronomy

by Lucy Scannone

In Miami Shores, there is a wonderful place that honors Mediterranean food, particularly the Spanish cuisine, with Chef Lucio Bueno at the helm. He has conquered kitchens in Cataluña for over 15 years. Now, he offers a space to enjoy its culinary experience in Miami.
Lucio Coffee has an extensive menu that includes the famous Spanish omelet, its versions with spinach, onion, and ratatouille, delicious Valencian paella, Marinera, with black rice and vegetarian.

Chef Lucio is from Catalonia. Obviously, Fideua is a restaurant staple, along with his delicious aioli and romesco sauces.
Visiting Lucio Coffee is a sensory experience; its lamps as a scenery, the wide variety of wines from all over the world, chocolate, cheese, delicatessen, candied products and homemade coffee, besides the cozy windows, bathed in light, will make you have a great time. Also, you will enjoy a local artist exhibit.

The wynwood times Lucio Cafe

Due to residential regulations, Lucio only offers delivery service, private meetings, little wine tasting, and an extensive menu on weekends for delivering or catering. We hope soon the corner of 98 and 2nd Avenue Miami Shores, will be full of tables and diners ready to taste a good Mediterranean cuisine.

The wynwood times Lucio Cafe

9802 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores, 33138 Florida
Phone: 786.212.3867
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