Nina Dotti´s solo-show will be open for the public starting October 13th, until November 12th.

The Contemporary Art Museum of Bogota (MAC) will present next October 13th MISS W, a solo exhibit of the Venezuelan artist Nina Dotti. This exhibition includes a photography series, videos, installations, political posters, POP material and a self-published book that resumes the experience on her previous performances as Miss Wynwood. 

The artist Nina Dotti (Venezuela, 1968) proposes, under the figure of Miss Wynwood and using her symbolic participation in the political race for the presidency of the United States of America, a set of performance actions that depicts relevant issues of general interest.

Miss Wynwood is an anti-hero that expresses herself through humor, impudence, kitsch, sweetened frivolity and exacerbated banality to show how to transform the traditional ways of politics and to raise awareness about human rights and citizen mobilization. Using her parody of a former beauty queen that became a mayor in Venezuela, Nina Dotti includes in this MISS W solo show that will be opened to the public until November 12th, her inner thoughts on politics to question and transform the existent political codes.

We may glimpse in the Contemporary Arts Museum of Bogota her career from Wynwood mayor to her current campaign running for the White House, from the creation of a political party to the publication of a manifesto, to take proper actions in public spaces in order to construct an interaction between the electoral apparatus and transform social realities through innovative artistic practices.

OPENING DATE: October 13th, 2016 

TIME:  5-9 PM

PLACE:  Carrera 74 #82 a 81 Bogota, Colombia