Oscar Carvallo: I am between Paris and Miami multiculturalism

Mar 1, 2017 | Interviews

Oscar Carvallo by RAYMA
Pictures: Andreina Mujica

Oscar Carvallo is like a Lord of the Contemporary World. His steps are marked by success and elegance. People could say he is one of the most handsome and suggestive representatives of haute couture. His spirit and creativity are stitches to dress the very Venus.

This Venezuelan designer with his “enfant terrible” smile has exceeded the world of fashion with his eyes of a wild wolf.

What surprises are there in your last collection in Miami?

My collection’s name is The Cosmic Voyage . I drew inspiration from the feeling of travel and what we see through the airplane window, that dream of going to the cosmos and be in the universe. We have worked with different elements in fashion, like water, earth, and this time a touch of the cosmos. We worked with an aircraft company and developed a fashion show in the Opa-Locka airport. There, the models appeared from the airplane in a spatial setting.

Our next video will be filmed very soon in Paris with the Producer Satellite My Love and the same director, Benjamin Nicolas. The idea is to shoot different freedivers, men and women floating through water like it was space.

How do you feel in Miami?

It has been a positive change for me. I think Miami is a growing city, and there is still a lot to do in a city where haute couture doesn’t exist. Clients don’t know about getting a tailor-made suit and the city is a place where different societies meet. We have a great American public, but we also work with Colombian, Mexican, Venezuelan and Russian clients. I mean, we attend a variety of communities, and this is fascinating to me. There are things to create in Miami; I think the city wants to move from being a town to a capital of art and fashion.

Tell me about your creative process and what inspires you.

I always travel to Paris; it is my source of inspiration, a big capital of culture. I am regular at museums and galleries, and every time I get to Paris it is like discovering something new. At the same time, it makes me distance myself from Florida and realize what I can’t see in Miami.

Inspiration is the most important part of the creative process. If you have an idea, you can find how to develop it and build up from what happens in the world, trends, and youth.

We have worked in a collection inspired by Cruz Diez, with the support of Pancho Quilici. Next collection is going to draw inspiration from a great artist, but I can’t tell you who it is now.

I feel like a designer that moves between two worlds, art and design. That’s why our shop and atelier are between the design district and Wynwood in Miami.

¿What is your fetish at the moment of drawing inspiration?

I draw inspiration from youth, the teenager point of view. They are my source of inspiration. I feel satisfied when I post my work on social media and a teenager tells me how he or she likes certain details in my collection. Furthermore, I like working with young people because they help me to understand trends, and I don’t end up as a ladies’ dressmaker.

In Miami, we have the workshop where we create and tailor new pieces every day. We use new and modern materials for an elegant and youthful finish.

I am between Paris and Miami multiculturalism. I mean museums from Paris and the sea from Miami. We want to be on the runways of NY and develop an American style brand. We dream of being global and selling in other US cities.

In Paris, I lived in the idealism of haute couture with a different target. I dressed up Arabic princesses, the Middle East. In Miami, I walk the streets more, the territory of the young and the trends of what people actually want to wear.

How do you deal or adapt your work in a city like Miami after so many years in Paris?

I think I am a kind of chameleon that adapts. I don’t complain or see the downside, only the positive one to move forward. I bet on Miami because it is a booming city. There is a huge number of people who dress for galas, weddings, Black Tie and social events asking for garments. I’ve never worked for seasons. I work with designs that can be worn both on Summer or Winter, and that endure over time. You can wear them today or in ten years.

I am really happy in Miami because it is a city that arises as the Latin America’s capital with its fascinating cultural mix. Latin people have a bright and strong personality, we are persistent and work hard for what we want. Miami owes its success to Latin American people who live and work there.

On the other hand, Americans are opened to new opportunities. In my short time in Miami, I have American clients who wear Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and other fashion brands, but they start wearing my pieces because they are unique. It makes us exclusive, because in the regular market when a woman buys a dress, she knows that about 15 thousand other women will buy it too.

My clients are travelling women. They buy dresses to go to events in London, NY. They are Americans living in Miami, and in many cases they don’t speak Spanish.

I also love Miami’s sun and beach. I missed them in Paris. Of course, my family and friends are here; that makes my life happier and easier.

¿What did you leave, as a designer, behind in Paris?

I only left winter jackets … hehehe.

However, I feel I have not left Paris.

Oscar Carvallo
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