Pig Man is in Paris

Nov 30, 2016

By Andreina Mujica

Photography as a playful art, image as beginning and end, the effect of a performance in multiple universes.  Exploring Paris with a Pig Man is one of the best things anyone could live. Paris is worth a pig.

There, the photo rally began, after saying hello to the little angel at the Bastille, we went to an official event in the triumphal arch. Then we visited the Grand Palais where the artist Daniel Buren has taken the space; everything is color, glass, and glare; the pig jumped from one site to another, looking for images and sensations. The Pig made people forget they were in a Buren’s artistic manifestation. They took pictures of the Pig, who kindly posed with an acquiescence gesture.

Afterward, we honored the Hollywood Star Rin Tin Tin at its tomb, the most famous dog after Laika. People frequently visit the pet cemetery, to remember a cat or pay tribute to a rabbit, or read a poem to a dog. Everybody watched with astonishment and respect the Pig Man standing in front of his idol’s tomb.

Continuing our tour, we realized that the Opera subway opened its jaws as a sea monster and from its mouth came out children, who were learning about Paris history on a Wednesday trip. It was a present to find “Monsieur Cochon,” as the children affectionately called him. It was an unforgettable day. “Cheers Monsieur!” and teachers couldn’t stop laughing. Sunny Paris was brighter than ever.

Then we found the phrase: “No photos allowed” at the entrance of the fabulous D’Orsay Museum, now renovated. It invited us to see Renoir again, but the Pig Man has a clear goal. Finding the famous painting by Gustave Courbet (1819-1877): The origin of the world, 1866. This is one of the most graphic and disturbing paintings in the history of art. It was moved to a solitary room, in custody of the visitors.

We shot thousand times. The tribute was done, and the best part is we are free in Paris, everyday freer.

Every pig has to come back to the crime scene. So, we did a must stop at Cruz Diez’s house. He and his son Carlitos Cruz could not contain their laugh even for the picture.

Thanks to Nelson Garrido for the adventure and being the Pig Man in Paris. The importance of being Nelson Garrido (Caracas, 1952), National Plastic Art Award (1991) Founder of the NGO (Nelson Garrido Organization) a place where arts blend and people learn to develop their discourse, accepting that pigs are different as well as piglets. There, you can feel a creative wind with a smell to a wine-marinated pig.