Romanicos: Chocolate & Orgasm

Jan 31, 2017



Chocolate and desire go hand in hand. They are responsible for one of the Seven Deadly Sins: lust, either classically or gastronomically defined. That’s the origin of the chocolate art according to its owners, María Alejandra Begay and María Waleska Vivas, with style from the Romanesque capitals of the XI and XII Centuries.

These Venezuelan chocolatiers and entrepreneurs have developed a DNA of cacao. They are in charge of their business Románicos at Coral Way, and Guayaba y Chocolates at the famous 8th Street.

Love is connected to chocolate since ancient times, so lust and desire provide endless combinations to find that person we love or remember those memories from a happy childhood on our palate.

At Románicos, The crown jewels are truffles. A kind of Royal representative but made of chocolate, the grandma’s recipe, the best-kept secret in the family.

Making chocolate has never been easy in Miami. Coast city and hot weather don’t help while working with chocolate. It is necessary to invest heavily in care, cooling, and transportation.

Románicos’s chocolate is based on European taste; it means plain chocolate, less sweet and with French style, although its base is made of Venezuelan cacao, the best in the world.

Address: 2337 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145



Guayaba y Chocolate (Guava and Chocolate)

This is a gastronomic place at 8th Street. It adapts Románicos’s flavors to Latin traditions, what a tourist looks for in Miami flavors and offers a variety of options to delight palates with Latin tastes. Guava and Chocolate is a community development that includes new artisans to work carefully with small productions, creating a most artisan and diverse market. Dulce de leche, guava, cream cheese, mango, passion fruit and spicy are the delicious flavors to create a party in your mouth.

Chocolate secrets are endless as well as in love. If your love is Colombian, Cuban or Venezuelan, try a combination of guava and cheese, or pineapple and mango. But if you have an American love, hazelnuts, blueberries, crackers and cream are better choices.

Address:1603 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135