TARKS. When you eat clams, you live longer. When you eat oysters, you love forever.

Oct 31, 2016 | Gastronomy

By  Katherine Gruber

I’m on the search for cheap restaurants with charm, or what I call “Taguaras.” Places that have interesting stories, not so elegant outside or inside, with quality dishes and flavors, and affordable prices. Restaurants that would never let their customers down.

There is an authentic place, resembling of a David Lynch movie. It remains intact despite the saltpeter since 1966. Its name is TARKS. It is a beach place, blue and white with five wooden tables on the outside and a kitchen with a surrounding bar on the inside, that it is usually full at happy hour.  Regardless, the amazing quality of its menu is worth the wait.


I had to wait 15 minutes to sit at the bar, time enough to understand the dynamic of the place and get familiar with the kitchen. It is open to the public and is the center of a gastronomic show. There are boilings, skewers and fried foods that feed the eyes, the senses and the hunger.

Looking at the process seems to be the sport of this place. there is a great beach party of flavors that invites a Harley Davidson rider, a Rastafarian from the islands, some tourists, and surfers who ride the Diana Beach waves.

TARKS has a fixed menu with lots of choices. It specializes in sea products: clams and steamed shellfish are cooked in nets, and served with differents sauces. Although it is a beach place, it also offers its famous chicken wings and a good selection of beers. I can’t forget the New England and Manhattan chowders, sea salads, fish hamburgers and the popular Mahi Mahi sandwich.

Don’t miss the fresh oysters to start, and the celery sticks with blue cheese on summer days; they are great to refresh the palate in one bite.

If you find yourself near Dania Beach, please visit TARKS. We are talking about very affordable prices, almost out of the 60s, just like the place itself.



TARKS of Dania Beach



Mon-Thu 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

The Originators Since 1966!

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