Tattoo of tears, a grim and sensible story about gender-based violence is coming to Spain

Feb 5, 2017

International Latino Book Award winner.

“In Spain, 40% of the reported cases almost never go to trial” the Venezuelan journalist, and writer María Elena Lavaud said, who has just published her third novel with Ediciones Dauro.

Every 15 seconds, a woman is assaulted somewhere in the world. In Spain, the Observatory of the General Council of the Spanish Judicial Authority indicates that there were about 62 thousand complaints in Court during the first six months of 2015, and 40% didn’t go to trial. Those are the first details that Maria Elena Lavaud presents when she is asked about her new novel. “The United Nations has declared gender-based violence as a public health priority” She explains before talking about her work, already available in bookstores and the web

Ediciones Dauro, the most prominent publisher in Granada, and one of the most renowned in Andalucía, has presented this novel as one of its main proposals. So it was reported on its site: At Ediciones Dauro, we begin the year publishing exceptional work. This time we are privileged to have the novel TATUAJE DE LÁGRIMAS (Tattoo of tears) by the Venezuelan journalist and writer Maria Elena Lavaud. For those who are not familiar with this great woman, she has been an international correspondent for Mexico (Televisa Group) and Colombia (QAP News), She is a founder of the Venezuelan news channel Globovisión. There, she presented policy analysis and variety shows. (Monseñor Pellín Award, 2002)

TATTOO OF TEARS is the third novel of this Venezuelan journalist and writer, living in the United States since three years ago. It is based on a true story of gender-based violence. It also has a theater version by the author. The book, already published in Venezuela and the United States has had major effect because of its grim, but also the author’s sensibility while presenting this heartbreaking story. In fact, the author received the International Latino Book Award 2016 in the category Most Inspirational Fiction Book. This is the most important literary award for Spanish-speaking authors in the United States.

Pilar Sánchez, President at the publisher, sent a special message throughout Social Media, commenting on the release of the novel in Spain: As President at Ediciones Dauro, I am so proud of having believed in this work, both for its quality and the issue addressed. For more than 25 years, I have represented associations that defend women’s liberty and rights in business and corporate sectors. We could not but publish this real and heartbreaking story, which touches me personally, because women close to me have been victims of male violence with the support of others close to them. Thanks, Maria Elena for letting us be part of your novel and teaching us about this endless social issue.

From Miami, the author confirms the next visit to Spain. She and the publisher are scheduling the dates to officially present her novel, not only in Madrid and Andalucia bookstores but different NGO dedicated to social work.

“I have always been interested in Gender-based violence because of its high international prevalence. This problem doesn’t differentiate by social level, creed, religion, education or geography. It is a global problem that affects a woman every 15 seconds in the world. That should be stopped. The author expressed.

What do you want to achieve with this novel and that hard topic?

First of all, I try to bring this topic to the literary world. It needs to be discussed widely and urgently. TATTOO OF TEARS is a novel that overcomes fear and shows how a woman can have courage and strength to regain control over her life. People think this is my story, but it is not. I’ve never been a direct victim of violence, but I have observed it so closely. I know what is lived in a house where violence is present, and how hard it can be to escape from that vicious cycle. Therefore, I decided to write this story based on real events but dramatized them with situations commonly lived by women victims of violence. The story’s core message is that we have to report violence. We have to enforce the law because it is possible to move forward.

MARÍA ELENA LAVAUD is a Venezuelan journalist and writer, living in Miami. She undertook Postgraduate studies in Political Sciences (Universidad Simón Bolívar). She has been correspondent for Mexico (ECO- Televisa) and Colombia (QAP News) Founder of the news channel Globovisión (Venezuela) Monseñor Pellín Award, 2002. She is member of the board in the Women in Action Foundation Venezuela and contributor in the Arts Connection Foundation in Miami.

She has diplomas in “Contemporary Narrative” (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello); “How to write a manuscript”, (Francisco Herrera Luque Foundation) and “Media and Politics in the Contemporary Societies” (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello). Also courses in “Interviewing techniques” with Maria Esther Gillio in the Centro Latinoamericano Rómulo Gallegos. She is a professional speaker.

Author of “Red Days”, Ediciones B Venezuela (2009) The best-selling book by a Venezuelan author in the first month on the bookstores. A year after was published in Colombia and presented in the Bogota International Book Fair. Her second book “Havana without heels” (Editorial Libros Marcados, 2011) ranked fourth in sales after its first month. It also has two editions, two reprints, more than 20 thousand copies sold in Venezuela and winner of the International Latino Book Award. “Tattoo of tears” is her third novel, and also winner of the International Latino Book Award 2016.