The Boteco’s Garota

Dec 31, 2016 | Gastronomy

The most famous song in Brazil begins this way:

Look, what a beautiful thing
So graceful
She is the girl
That comes and goes
In her sweet swing
heading to the sea…

That tune can be with you while visiting the place with the best Caipirinhas in Miami: Boteco. Boteco comes from the Portuguese word “Botica” and the Spanish word “Bodega”, both from the Greece word “apothéke”. In Brazil, a “boteco” is a place for nightlife lovers and its experiences. When you visit a “boteco”, you are looking for a cold beer and a pause with a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

A Boteco can also be defined as a bar around the corner, the neighborhood’s bar, the place to spend a good time and meet people like you. A “boteco” is not luxurious, to the contrary, it’s a discreet place, known by many, where you can go to have a happy moment. Especially on Tuesdays or Girls’ Night Out, with free drinks for them.

Boteco has an extensive menu. You can have codfish “bolinas”, cheese bread, shrimp loaf, salads, mother’s dish, steak & onions, the famous “moqueta” and the unbeatable Picahna Grilled Mushrooms, a hot and vibrant dish.

If you need a cold beer at the end of the day or that famous Brazilian “Caipirinha” to share, laugh and talk with friends, or to enjoy that soccer match, you should come to the Brazilian heaven on earth at 79th street, parking included.

Girl of the golden brown tan
From the Ipanema sun
Her swing is more than a poem
She is the most beautiful thing
that I’ve ever seen…

916 NE 79th Street Miami, Fl 33138 – Ph.: 305.757-7735
Open everyday from 12:00 PM