Leslie Gabaldon’s installation at Dot Fiftyone Gallery in Little River.

Next Friday, January 20th, 2017, Gabaldon will present her most recent work in a panel discussion with Eduard Reboll, Fernando Calzadilla, Carlos Gustavo Villamor and Pietro Daprano.

Miami, January 17th, 2017.- Venezuelan-American artist Leslie Gabaldon will present her most recent work “El Espejo que soy me deshabita” (The mirror I am abandons me) Intervention of the bathroom at Dot Fiftyone Gallery. This is the first work of the new Gabaldon’s project, privately in public, which is a proposal of permanent or temporary intervention in intimate spaces at public places.

The work “The mirror I am abandons me” got its name from “La Caída II” (The Fall II) A sonnet by Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize in Literature, that is about finding oneself. From the artistic discourse of Leslie Gabaldon, the bathroom in the gallery is a piece of art that invites users into introspection, more so than in any other space. The artist worked on walls and bath articles, combining the delicacy of paper, acrylic, and mirror as materials that shape and reflect a woman’s silhouette in a thinking position.

The artist will present “The mirror I am abandons me” within a panel discussion whose starting point will be to look at ourselves as individuals and as a society. The editor Eduard Reboll, the shaman Carlos Gustavo Villamor, the artist Fernando Calzadilla and Pietro Daprano, artist and curator of Gabaldon will comprise the panel.

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