The Power of La Latina

Nov 30, 2016 | Gastronomy

“The perfect Arepa is made at home!” That’s Every Venezuelan thought when they get in this wonderful arepera located at Midtown in Miami.

Who would have thought ten years ago, that we could find an Arepa cart everywhere in the world? Everything has changed, from Finland all the way to Patagonia, the entire globe knows the warm power of the Venezuelan kitchen and our national icon: the Arepa.

The Arepa is the queen of the night at many places. It competes with the classic Hot Dog and the complete Shawarma. For sure, Arepa is the winner in different places.

“For better or worse, the Arepa is a global icon,” said Carlos Matheus and his partner Yuleni. They are from Venezuela and owners of “La Latina.” Our goal is to stand up for our traditions and spread Venezuelan gastronomy. We didn’t want to seem nostalgic because we missed Joropo or soap opera. Instead, the proposal is to educate people about the place of the Venezuelan Arepa in international gastronomy.

The Latina’s menu is inspired by the Armando Scannone’s Bible, following the guidelines of Mantuano’s gastronomy. Each Arepa costs $6, and there are endless options to choose from: Catira (Blondie), Pelúa (Hairy), Sifrina (Snob), Reina Pepiada (Chicken salad), Asado Negro (Black roast), Rumbera (Party-going), Pernil (hind leg), Chistorras, chicken, veggie, cheese and avocado, dominó (Dominoes) Perico (scrambled eggs and veggies), and keep counting…Just a Lettuce Arepa is missing for those concerned about keeping in shape.

Other specialties are the Boliarepas: tiny Arepas inspired in our dearest Bolivia Bocaranda.

Beyond Arepas, you can ask for tequeños, empanadas, black roast, Llanero breakfast, cachapas, or papelón con limón. You can also order online and enjoy delivery at the “Alma Llanera” tone.
3509 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137
Sunday – Thursday  9AM – 10PM
Friday – Saturday  9AM – 5AM