Topologies and other purist models

Feb 2, 2017 | Trends

by Pietro Daprano

Topologies and other purist models is an introductory essay or an interpretation proposal about color brightness and its perceptive influence in pattern design, where geometric qualities create spots to hide the truth.

To this end, I have overlapped a series of portraits with models, dressed in exuberant garments and fashion accessories, where constant variables of the same color and sheer beauty are harmoniously or unequally juxtaposed with models’ portraits. They seem to talk about styles, and the understanding of color conception.

These inverse relationships seek to gain ground in the theory of possible contrasts defined by the artist, Johannes Itten, who is designer and professor at Bauhaus. Also, I am interested in exploring the distorted perception of 20th and 21st century fashion trends.

It is in this regard that we find Topologies and other purist models, while reading or describing topics or materials. This is the original result that appears as a statement, in an attempt to analyze the relationship between the conceptual systems. Over time, those systems have been repeating, without proposals, easy solutions based on the new look boom to promote styles or ways of life that define (temporarily or permanently) groups’ behavior.

In other words, color and its relationship with the modular constructions over the models’ portraits (setting the pace of fashion) seek to scan the representation strategies based on social and aesthetic connections in the field of reality. Also, various kinds of assessments or representations suppose an intimate relationship with power.

Most of the risks of this proposal are related to the perpendicularity of the pure forms. It is a commonly repeated resource in different contemporary works, starting with Piet Mondrian.


The advent of this illustration that dissolves in other experiences, may not be the result of a power strategy but a projected action from the decadence territory.

From that perspective, I think that Topologies and other purist models is nothing new despite the will of not repeating solutions from deplenished practices. However, the content of its structure and the possibility of checking a place that is necessary to cover: the ruin.