The world is a party

Apr 17, 2017 | Trends

By Karim Negrett

““Is there a more desperate act than a party? A ritual of alcohol, dance, and excesses, in which mortals are skilled. It is surrounded by death and its disturbing consciousness, but also of that desire of abolition present in a collective gesture. People celebrate and laugh by contagion, never by clarity or wise choice. A party is a monkey fuss into the abyss. It is a race backward to the wet snout of death that eventually will take us out of the dream. He who parties runs away from his end, and he cries, though ignorant. But the party still has that incredible magnetism among people because despite everything, soul and body freed in its violent whirlwind, when laughter and moan copulate. It is a trampoline that promotes the illusion of jumping over the life limits and out of this world, without the concept of death.”

The text perfectly describes how we are and how we live in the contemporary world. It was written by the Editor Ben Amí Fihman between 1976 and 1978 in their notes about Gluttony, in a period when it was possible to find some civilized spots among us, in both public areas and private meeting places.
The author presents an accurate description of the tribal instinct we live, the society as a permanent evasive action, and shows a vision of our real identity of no thoughts, no reflection while we live as a herd. We follow the primitive pack and feed a constant material joy before the social insensitivity, facing the most common images of dead children, obese and anorexic women, abused animals, refugees, and leaders that promote hatred and division among countries.


Individualization doesn’t exist. Individual thoughts and positions hide behind the comfort of the complicit silence and collective noise that invite self-destruction throughout the no meaning, the nothingness, the selfie narcissism, the banality, the affluent consumption and the party. Where are we going? Is it possible to do a celebration in Syria? Whatever the side that mourns for the dead? The morgue and pain don’t have a political position. At the moment of facing the loss of human lives, no matter if civilian or soldier, left or right, it is a failure. Let us stop for a minute and think, some situations touch the depths of our heart, the painful mourning, the common loss in a world that we look forward to, but we missed some time ago, without realizing it, while in the party.