Zak, the art of baking bread

Oct 3, 2016 | Gastronomy

by Lucy Scannone


Bread has been around for centuries along civilization. It is in the biblical history, particularly in the New Testament, also in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and even in the modern times. The cult for rising dough has brought families around the table and provided salvation and life metaphors during the World Wars.

Thus, a modern “Messiah” named Zak Stern created his bread temple, a cult in the heart of Wynwood, one of the most representative art districts in Miami. There, we can find a factory where artisans bake bread daily, with the highest standards, hard work, and dedication.

This temple is an invitation to try the end product of a creative team.

There is a great variety to choose from. Whole grain bread, walnut bread, wheat, sunflower seed, sesame, rye, fennel, and olive bread are the litanies of this temple. It can produce up to 140 pieces of bread per hour, all of them with a golden brown and crispy crust with preparations that take up to 52 hours, bringing a slightly sourdough taste to one’s mouth.

The life of a baker like Zak Stern consists of the daily impetus of waking up early, kneading and baking the bread that will be at so many houses and families. His vision is to extend, knead and create a loaf as a daily prayer, a miracle done by the hand of his disciples. A team that every day celebrates the multiplication of the success at every bite.


Zak The Baker
405 NW 26th Street
Miami, Fl 33127

Open 7am – 5pm

Closed Saturdays